nov 19

Brett Favre Is Spencer Pratt

This video of Brett Favre mic'd up during last week's Vikings game is pretty amazing:

I realize no one will interpret this the right way, but this reminds me of The Hills more than anything I've ever seen.


308 views? How'd you find that thing? I could care less about football, but I still found it interesting... I'm surprised how incredibly friendly he is to the Detroit guys.

posted by Andy Baio at 8:33 PM on November 19, 2009

nice. wonder what he sounds like when he's losing.

posted by dig at 10:12 PM on November 19, 2009

A little Spencer, a little Dubya.

posted by Jason at 10:30 PM on November 19, 2009

This is the greatest fimoculous link of all times. They can't cover you, Rex.

posted by Stevemarsh at 1:21 AM on November 20, 2009

A little bit of Will Ferrell's car salesman in EASTBOUND AND DOWN too: "Dickslappin', that's MY game."

posted by Stevemarsh at 1:26 AM on November 20, 2009

the Hills analogy is funny and all, but this guy's just chock-full of southern charm. I would bet people from Alabama wonder why its so funny to us yankees.

posted by killer weed at 1:32 AM on November 20, 2009

approximately 70% of all NFL highlight plays are made against the Detroit Lions.

posted by geoff at 1:35 AM on November 20, 2009

I just love 'im. I love him SO MUCH. God, other people must just fucking hate his guts.

There's some Wooderson going on too. "Hey, Dick, are you still mad that I made all-district and you didn't?"

posted by Stevemarsh at 1:42 AM on November 20, 2009

I hated him worse than an Isiah Thomas/A-Rod/Ivan Lendl love child a mere 3 months ago. It makes me a little nauseous. I know she's gonna break my heart.

posted by Stevemarsh at 1:59 AM on November 20, 2009

OMG Stevemarsh I love that Ivan Lendl makes the hatechild trifecta! Perfect.

posted by katiebakes at 11:12 AM on November 20, 2009

hey Rex. Been awhile. Passed this around to the whole family. Have a nice holiday. KR

posted by kent at 12:13 PM on November 25, 2009

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