dec 12



The always-excellent Times Mag Year in Ideas. Some of my favorites include Acoustic Keyboard Eavesdropping, The Augmented Bar Code, The Blog Ad, The Car That Emotes, EBay Vigilantism, Feral Cities, The Mainstream Mash-Up, McProfiling, Purple-State Country Music, Sabermetrics for Football, Self-Storage, and The 3-Point Problem.


Trailers to upcoming movies from big directors who probably couldn't do more predictable remakes: Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (w/ Johnny Depp), Joel Schumacher's The Phantom of the Opera and Steven Speilberg's War of the Worlds (w/ Tom Cruise).

A.O. Scott foresees a new trend: Moicumentary, the documentary as confessional.


Great interview with the leader of TiVo User Experience.


If you happened to catch the live footage on CNN of the presentation that the Michigan authorities gave to the press last Wednesday, then you'll want to read the Indy Star story, which explicates the layered multimedia format used to present the charges filed against five Indiana Pacers and seven fans. It's like a VH1 special, "Behind the PowerPoint."


NYT Styles suggests that online dating is waning.


Salon has a good interview with Joel Spolsky.


Another good Consumed column by Rob Walker, this time mixing Takashi Murakami, Louis Vuitton, sampling, high fashion, artistic expression, and copyright.

Amy's Robot asks: What in the heck is up with Budweiser?

Two new blogs on women's shoes: Shoewawa | Manolo's Shoe Blog.


Chuck's "Give Me Centrism or Give Me Death!" column in Spin.

Rap Snacks. "The official snack of hip-hop." Check out the variety. The Young Bloodz Sothern Crunk BBQ look delish.

New crazy band alert: The Notorious MSG, with songs like "Straight Outta Canton."

A strange article called "Eminem Is Right" generates a lot of discussion on Metafilter, lofting Policy Review to fame they'll likely never see again.


Newsweek on The Alpha Bloggers, which name-checks Adam Curry, Doc Searls, Dan Gillmor, and Dave Sifry.


A Mike Mosedale story in CP generates a Minnesota winter conversation on Metafilter.

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