weekly recommendations from culture, tech, media, design, and science, as rendered in text, image, video, or audio; also, a super dumb pun on my name

Issue Date Topics
001 2/24/19 wild fan theories, podcast theme songs, chinese sci-fi, data science & painting, museum lifehacks, too much about twitter, and the everlasting presence of willie nelson
002 3/02/19 using computers to do uncomputery things, asking trumpsters hard questions, decoding recaptchas, internet political sleuthing, and that bonkers weezer songwriting process
003 3/10/19 deepfakes, eerie art projects, uncanny parodies of eerie art projects, our fake history, terrible coworking concepts, and dinosaurs
004 3/16/19 haaaaating twitter, adam mckay tropes, hyper-wealth in sf and on premium cable, birdpunk, unexpected leftist stances, something about motley crue, nothing about bitcoin, and my favorite blog right now